Monday 6 May 2019

Complete Solution For Your Breathing And Snoring Problem!

Are you feeling tired every morning you woke up? Is excessive snoring at night disturbing your partner? Stop ignoring this problem! You are probably suffering from a sleeping disorder. 

One of the most common types of sleep disorder found in men is breathing and snoring problem at night. Snoring occurs due to the blockage in air flow in the nose while an individual is asleep. If there is a complete blockage in the airway, a person can go through breathing problem at night. This kind of breathing problem is known as sleep apnea.

The kind of syndromes can be treated through both surgical and non-surgical process. But don't you worry! Surgery is  effective in a few cases. Most of the time simple home remedies can give you a lot a relief. But if yet you are not getting results, there are numerous oral appliances available in the market that can cure your breathing problem completely!

How Oral Appliance therapy works to treat breathing and snoring problem?

The main reason behind breathing or snoring problem is that the tissues at the back of the tongue and & at the base collapse, thereby blocking the airflow. On the other hand, the Oral appliance prevents those tissues from collapsing and brings the lower jaw forward so that enough gaps are created for the air to flow properly.

Other types of treatment options available these days

Though Oral Appliances are the most feasible and popularly used product in the market, there are other methods also.
  • DNA Appliance
  • CPAP
  • and finally surgery

What benefits you will get if you consult a certified clinic?

If you consult a certified doctor or clinic, you will definitely see the results within a short period of time. Both sleep apnea and UARS is not a permanent problem. With the right treatment, one can overcome such problems.  

Dr. Krishnan A. Subramanian, the director of Healthy Sleep Advanced Centre can give you the most effective and useful Sleep breathing disorder remedies in India. The chief benefits you will get from his team may include faster results, a complete cure for snoring problem without any surgery and most importantly, you will be able to lead a better and healthy life.

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