Thursday 14 May 2020

What are the 5 major sleep disorders?

Sleep Disorder, also called Somnipathy, is a medical condition, wherein the sleep patterns of human beings are disturbed. And, at times, it can be bad enough to affect the day to day life of the person concerned. Surprisingly, this can also happen to animals. 

These are broadly classified into those involving timing of sleep; and those due to medical or psychological conditions.


Following are the five most common ones:

1.Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): This happens when the airway is blocked  while a person is asleep. This causes breathing difficultly and might even briefly stop, but restart with a gasp.  It can cause reduced oxygen flow and irregular heartbeat. Yet, it might go completely unnoticed.Mostly associated with snoring.

2.Central Sleep Apnea (CSA): This is when a person, while asleep, stops breathing because the brain stopped telling the body to do so. This happens when serious illness affects the lower brainstem, which controls breathing. 

3.Insomnia: This is when a person simply cannot go to sleep no matter what. It can come and go and be either short term or long. This can be either, Primary, where no health or medical issue is involved; or, Secondary, where some kind of health issue is indeed involved.


4.Hypersomnia: This is the opposite of insomnia, with excessive sleepiness. In this case, people can fall asleep at any time, without them even knowing about it. This can be very dangerous if they are involved in activities like driving or working with machinery. It is said that 40 percent of the people have some symptoms of this disorder from time to time.

5.Parasomnias: These are also called arousal disorders, where a person is woken from sleep abruptly. This can happen while asleep; while waking up or while falling asleep.

Blog Reviewed By : Dr Krishnan A Subramanian 
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Tuesday 10 December 2019

How OSA is related with ADHD?

There is now a new study published in the prestigious online publication regarding the effects of sleep apnea on ADHD. The findings are quite startling indeed. It is now found that patients with obstructive sleep apnea are highly likely to get ADHD. 


The researchers looked at a sample pool of patients that were suffering from OSA and they found that over 95% of patients were also suffering ADHD. 
The study further found that those patients that had remedied Obstructive Sleep Apnea had also seen a remarkable improvement in their attention span, memory retention and their cognitive capabilities. This gives further steam to the 

1.Idea that OSA does have a deep impact on the way we think and how our brains function. You can
Find the complete study here
Likely witnessing the side-effects of OSA.

2.It can now be conclusively stated that those of us who suffer from OSA and are also having difficulty focusing and issues with memory retention could be also suffering from ADHD as a result of the same.

3. There are over 6 well-documented studies that have been conducted to study the effects of OSA on ADHD and it has been found in all six studies that treating OSA accompanied an immediate and proportional improvement in behavior, inattention, and overall ADHD.

4.If you or anyone you suffer from OSA and are also witnessing symptoms of ADHD you should consider the possibility that your OSA could be the underlying cause for your problems. 

5.Symptoms of ADHD include Impulsiveness, Disorganization and problems prioritizing, Poor time management skills, Problems focusing on a task, Trouble multitasking, Excessive activity or restlessness and Poor planning, Low frustration tolerance.

In this case, you need to reach out ASAP and book an appointment, we'll recommend an appropriate course of action after consultation.

Blog Reviewed By : Dr Krishnan A Subramanian 
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Saturday 12 October 2019

Treat Sleep Apnea Before It Kills Someone

Sleep Apnea is a very serious sleeping disorder where breathing gets repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Daytime sleepiness is a very serious issue which occurs due to repeated sleep disruptions, the person will not be completely awake but will be partially awake.

Daytime sleepiness due to sleep apnea increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents, it can also affect your productivity during work. You cannot concentrate on anything which will make you prone to many problems.

In some cases, it can take the lives of so many people. Major disasters like Air Crash Mangalore, Bhopal Gas Tragedy, Chernobyl Disaster were all due to excess sleepiness of the workers. It was reported that the pilot was snoring before the Air India Crash.  The workers were drowsy and that lead to the death of more than 15000 people in Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster also led to the death of thousands of lives. In all these incidents the root cause was daytime sleepiness. So treat Sleep Apnea before it kills anyone.

Types Of Sleep Apnea: 


  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: It occurs when the throat muscles relax.
  • Central Sleep Apnea: It occurs when your brain stays backs from sending signals to muscles that control breathing.
  • Hypopnea: Occurs when someone has both obstructive and central sleep apnea.

Factors Increasing The Risk Of Sleep Apnea: 


Fat deposits can bring obstruction in breathing. Maintain a healthy weight for a healthy life.

Family history

If the members in your family have sleep apnea you are more likely to gain it.
Drinking alcohol and usage of sedatives

These activities will relax your throat muscles and cause obstructive sleep apnea.

Nasal polyps

This condition can obstruct the passage of air through the nose and cause sleep apnea.

At THE HEALTHY SLEEP KANNUR, our expert specialist strives to provide you with the perfect treatment for all your sleep breathing problems.
Blog Reviewed By : Dr Krishnan A Subramanian
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Monday 6 May 2019

Complete Solution For Your Breathing And Snoring Problem!

Are you feeling tired every morning you woke up? Is excessive snoring at night disturbing your partner? Stop ignoring this problem! You are probably suffering from a sleeping disorder. 

One of the most common types of sleep disorder found in men is breathing and snoring problem at night. Snoring occurs due to the blockage in air flow in the nose while an individual is asleep. If there is a complete blockage in the airway, a person can go through breathing problem at night. This kind of breathing problem is known as sleep apnea.

The kind of syndromes can be treated through both surgical and non-surgical process. But don't you worry! Surgery is  effective in a few cases. Most of the time simple home remedies can give you a lot a relief. But if yet you are not getting results, there are numerous oral appliances available in the market that can cure your breathing problem completely!

How Oral Appliance therapy works to treat breathing and snoring problem?

The main reason behind breathing or snoring problem is that the tissues at the back of the tongue and & at the base collapse, thereby blocking the airflow. On the other hand, the Oral appliance prevents those tissues from collapsing and brings the lower jaw forward so that enough gaps are created for the air to flow properly.

Other types of treatment options available these days

Though Oral Appliances are the most feasible and popularly used product in the market, there are other methods also.
  • DNA Appliance
  • CPAP
  • and finally surgery

What benefits you will get if you consult a certified clinic?

If you consult a certified doctor or clinic, you will definitely see the results within a short period of time. Both sleep apnea and UARS is not a permanent problem. With the right treatment, one can overcome such problems.  

Dr. Krishnan A. Subramanian, the director of Healthy Sleep Advanced Centre can give you the most effective and useful Sleep breathing disorder remedies in India. The chief benefits you will get from his team may include faster results, a complete cure for snoring problem without any surgery and most importantly, you will be able to lead a better and healthy life.

For further information, book an appointment!

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Tuesday 18 September 2018

How Can Oral Appliance Therapy For Snoring Help You? or Obstructive Sleep Apnea is one of the most common breathing disorders while sleeping. This happens when the tissue in the back of the throat collapse, blocks the airway and stops air from reaching the lungs. This results in heavy snoring.

Snoring is the sound that is produced on the upper side of the throat due to air blockage. Although you breathe in the air, it gets blocked in the passage and is unable to reach the lungs. The sound is the result of the vibration created by the tissue in the back of the throat. While you are sleeping, the sound waves can come from both your mouth and nose.

The new oral appliance therapy for snoring can help get rid of those sleepless nights of your partner.


Why you snore?

Snoring can result from:
  • Drinking excessive alcohol.
  • Overweight
  • Smoking blocks the nasal passage.
  • Nasal & throat deformities
  • An overdose of medicines like sleeping pills and cold medicines.


All about oral appliance therapy

Although there are several anti-snoring devices like pillows, nasal strips etc available in the market, none of them is actually effective. This is mainly because none of them actually treat the root of the problem. Some of the best anti snoring devices are:
  • OASYS or Nasal Airway system
  • SomnoDent
  • The Thornton Adjustable Positioner 

Following are the benefits of using such oral appliance therapy:


  • Helps both of you to sleep peacefully.
  • No bulky equipment is required to use while sleeping.
  • Easy to use while traveling.
  • No risk of fatigue.
  • Decreasing the risk of heart attacks and stroke.





Whom should you consult?

Headed by Dr Krishnan A. Subramanian, The Healthy Sleep is India’s first clinic that provides effective Oral appliance therapy in Kerala. Dr. Subramanian is working on snoring treatments since 2001. He has gone through several types of research to find out the most effective treatment for sleeping disorders and snoring. He attends several conferences and educational programmes to upgrade him in this field. Contact him to know details and to get the best anti snoring devices in Kannur, Kerala.

We have more than thousand patient success stories. You can check our website to see them.

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Friday 27 July 2018

Get The Best Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment With Oral Appliance Therapy

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep disorder in which a person stops breathing intermittently due to physical obstructions of the airway throughout the night. These happens generally for around ten seconds and are often followed by huff and puffs, snorts or gasps as a person's body fights to recommence breathing again. During the sleep, the muscles in the body loosen up so they can begin to renovate themselves to keep you healthy and active every day. on the other hand, muscles in the mouth and throat also relax during sleep, and for some people, these muscles together with soft fatty tissues rest to the point where they move back into the upper airway and obstruct the flow of oxygen from coming in which results in oxygen desaturation and sleep fragmentation.

OSA causes significant morbidity, predominantly in terms of impairment of daytime functioning and the impact this has on quality of life. There is also evidence that links OSA to long-term cardiovascular morbidity, which includes myocardial infarction, hypertension, stroke and believe it or not, it leads to increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. A new study conducted by Center for Sleep and Vigilance Disorders at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg; Sweden revealed that patients who suffer from lack of sleep were nearly 2.5 times more likely to be the driver in a motor vehicle accident. The study also found that the frequency of motor vehicle accidents was decreased by 75 per cent among sleep apnea patients who used traditional CPAP therapy for an average of at least 4 hours per night.

Oral appliance therapy kerala,india

What does oral appliance therapy offer the sleepless OSA patients?

There is clear substantiation that effective treatment of OSA provides a major advantage to patients. Nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the current treatment of choice, but its taxing nature makes compliance and acceptance from the patients less than optimal. Some complaint of dry nasal passages, claustrophobia, skin irritation from masks, accidentally removing the mask while tossing at night and difficulty tolerating pressurized air. This gives rise to the need for other alternatives that are more tolerable and equally effective. There is increasing interest in the use of oral appliances to treat OSA and snoring. The reason is that the enlargement of the upper airway by advancing the mandible, tongue, or both and thereby impacts positively on upper airway calibre and function. There are different kinds of oral appliances which have potential advantages over CPAP in that they do not need a power source, make no noise, unobtrusive and are potentially less costly.

There are more than 100 different oral devices on the market for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. The most popular of them is varieties of “mandibular repositioning dental appliances,” devices that move the lower jaw forward. Rest of them are “tongue retaining appliances.” Both are acrylic and fit inside the mouth, much like an athletic mouth guard and serve to decrease the possibility of the sleeper’s tongue falling backwards far enough to block the airway.

Other appliances may fit around your head and chin to adjust the position of your lower jaw as well. Oral appliances are generally helpful in the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea even if they do provide a treatment alternative for patients with severe OSA who cannot or will not tolerate positive airway pressure therapy.

CPAP alternatives Kerala

The Healthy Sleep provides Oral appliance therapy in Kerala for Snoring and obstructive Sleep Apnea. Dr. Krishnan, the director of the center is the best in providing Obstructive sleep apnea remedy in India and he is involved in treating obstructive sleep apnea and snoring since 2001. He is a certified provider of DNA Appliance System, for non-surgical airway remodelling and CPAP alternatives Kerala. He also provides Anti snoring devices in kannur for heavy snorers.

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Thursday 31 May 2018

Don't Be A Hero By Reducing Sleep! Sleep Deprivation Will Affect Your Mental Performance

How does sleep help you?

Sleep plays a bigger role in both physical and mental health of your body throughout your life. Quality sleep at the right time helps everyone with the mental and physical stability and which leads to the best life and better safety. When you are in sleep, your body helps your brain to better functioning and healthy physical condition.

Sleep Deprivation

If you didn't sleep for a night or went to a late night sleep and wake up, you feel very uncomfortable with it. You feel very tired, out of order and sometimes cranky. However, if you didn't get the normal sleeping hour which is not less than 7-9 hours a day, you will find more unsteady and grouchy. Less sleeping hours on a regular basis will lead to sleep deprivation. It will definitely put your health at a higher risk both mentally and physically.


Factors affecting sleep deprivation in you!

The below-mentioned changes can happen in your body if you resist your normal sleeping hours. 
  • Memory issues: Lack of proper sleep will affect your long and short-term memory since your memory always reforms your connections at sleep.
  • Your thinking capacity and concentration will be affected in a negative way and it is a bigger trouble.
  • This will lead to anxiety and depression since you are unable to control your emotions and quick temper.
  • Less sleep will always increase your blood pressure.
  • Weight gain and diabetes chances will increase.
  • Increases the chances of getting the heart diseases and also loss of body balance.
  • Low sex drive: Lack of enough sleep will often get a Libido. Decrease in testosterone would be the reason for low sex drive.

We can stabilize this condition with a group of disciplined activities applying in our regular life. They are as follows.
  • Fix a regular sleeping time and wake up time (Should be at least 8 hours) and always stick on to it.
  • Regular exercise of 30 minutes is compulsory in the schedule.
  • Get as much as natural light and explore your day with nature.
  • Always take a warm water or regular water bath before going to bed.
  • Do relaxation exercise or meditation before bed.
Best practice of the above-mentioned activities will definitely reduce the sleep deprivation and it will definitely lead to a healthy living. Dr. Krishnan A. Subramanian provides the best sleep deprivation treatment in India. So don’t wast the time.. Get the best solution..
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