Monday 27 November 2017

Suffering Frequent Migraine Headache ??

A migraine is  quite a common kind of a headache almost 15% people in the world suffer from a migraine A migraine is a recurring type of a headache which occurs repeatedly in a person and can mild to severe in frequency.  It can become severe if treatment will not provide on time.  The occurrence of a migraine can be one-sided, aching and influences general physical activity. Sound, light and odor sensitivity can also associate with a migraine. The early stage of a migraine is an aura, which is associated with sensory and visual changes during, before or after a headache. Aura is an alarming sign of developing migraine in near future. 

What is the duration of a migraine?

A migraine can long last in a person from five hours to three days. The occurrence of a migraine is three times more frequent in the females in comparison to the men.

What are the causes of having a migraine?

A migraine is associated with the changes in the brain portion. A migraine can also be occurred due to below mention causes
·         Frequently skipping meal of fasting
·         High use of salty and oily food
·         Use of food additives such as glutamate, monosodium
·         Hormonal changes in female
·         Stress
·         Use of drinks such as alcohol, caffeine
·         Use of certain type of medication

Which portion of the brain is responsible for a migraine?

The midbrain area of the brain is responsible for developing migraine and also known as pain center. The hyperactive nerve cells in the brain give impulses to the blood vessels. This process releases prostaglandins, serotonin and other inflammatory substances that develop the painful situation. Certain chronic changes in serotonin developed depression, panic, and anxiety in the people.

What kind of treatment is recommended for a migraine?

Symptomatic relief medication is recommended to reduce the migraine effect. Over the counter medication is highly effective for a migraine. It is recommended to use all the medication under the guidance of expert doctors. The Healthy sleep clinic in Kerala has expert Migraine Specialist to treat a migraine.
The Healthy sleep clinic in Kerala is the finest clinic to treat a migraine in Kannur. The clinic has a team of qualified and experienced doctors to treat the problems related to a migraine.

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