Thursday 14 May 2020

What are the 5 major sleep disorders?

Sleep Disorder, also called Somnipathy, is a medical condition, wherein the sleep patterns of human beings are disturbed. And, at times, it can be bad enough to affect the day to day life of the person concerned. Surprisingly, this can also happen to animals. 

These are broadly classified into those involving timing of sleep; and those due to medical or psychological conditions.


Following are the five most common ones:

1.Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): This happens when the airway is blocked  while a person is asleep. This causes breathing difficultly and might even briefly stop, but restart with a gasp.  It can cause reduced oxygen flow and irregular heartbeat. Yet, it might go completely unnoticed.Mostly associated with snoring.

2.Central Sleep Apnea (CSA): This is when a person, while asleep, stops breathing because the brain stopped telling the body to do so. This happens when serious illness affects the lower brainstem, which controls breathing. 

3.Insomnia: This is when a person simply cannot go to sleep no matter what. It can come and go and be either short term or long. This can be either, Primary, where no health or medical issue is involved; or, Secondary, where some kind of health issue is indeed involved.


4.Hypersomnia: This is the opposite of insomnia, with excessive sleepiness. In this case, people can fall asleep at any time, without them even knowing about it. This can be very dangerous if they are involved in activities like driving or working with machinery. It is said that 40 percent of the people have some symptoms of this disorder from time to time.

5.Parasomnias: These are also called arousal disorders, where a person is woken from sleep abruptly. This can happen while asleep; while waking up or while falling asleep.

Blog Reviewed By : Dr Krishnan A Subramanian 
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