Tuesday 18 September 2018

How Can Oral Appliance Therapy For Snoring Help You?

http://www.thehealthysleep.in/treatment-oral-appliance-therapy/#oral-appliance-therapyOSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea is one of the most common breathing disorders while sleeping. This happens when the tissue in the back of the throat collapse, blocks the airway and stops air from reaching the lungs. This results in heavy snoring.

Snoring is the sound that is produced on the upper side of the throat due to air blockage. Although you breathe in the air, it gets blocked in the passage and is unable to reach the lungs. The sound is the result of the vibration created by the tissue in the back of the throat. While you are sleeping, the sound waves can come from both your mouth and nose.

The new oral appliance therapy for snoring can help get rid of those sleepless nights of your partner.


Why you snore?

Snoring can result from:
  • Drinking excessive alcohol.
  • Overweight
  • Smoking blocks the nasal passage.
  • Nasal & throat deformities
  • An overdose of medicines like sleeping pills and cold medicines.


All about oral appliance therapy

Although there are several anti-snoring devices like pillows, nasal strips etc available in the market, none of them is actually effective. This is mainly because none of them actually treat the root of the problem. Some of the best anti snoring devices are:
  • OASYS or Nasal Airway system
  • SomnoDent
  • The Thornton Adjustable Positioner


Following are the benefits of using such oral appliance therapy:


  • Helps both of you to sleep peacefully.
  • No bulky equipment is required to use while sleeping.
  • Easy to use while traveling.
  • No risk of fatigue.
  • Decreasing the risk of heart attacks and stroke.





Whom should you consult?

Headed by Dr Krishnan A. Subramanian, The Healthy Sleep is India’s first clinic that provides effective Oral appliance therapy in Kerala. Dr. Subramanian is working on snoring treatments since 2001. He has gone through several types of research to find out the most effective treatment for sleeping disorders and snoring. He attends several conferences and educational programmes to upgrade him in this field. Contact him to know details and to get the best anti snoring devices in Kannur, Kerala.

We have more than thousand patient success stories. You can check our website to see them.

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