Thursday 19 January 2017

Are You Tired of Getting A Poor Night's Sleep

One of the most common problems faced by people during sleeping is Snoring. It may affect our day to day life negatively. It also affects the quality of sleep by spending energy on sleeping when one is supposed to save energy. Snoring is a type of sound produced due to obstructed breathing while sleeping in which the soft tissues behind the throat loses its muscle tone and starts to vibrate while breathing.

Generally, snoring is due to vibration of the soft palate. Air passes through airways results in lung strain to get required oxygen. The major factors which cause this obstructed breathing could be the posture of sleep, overweight, alcohol consumption, uses of antihistamines or sleeping pills, facial skeletal anomalies, enlarged tonsils or smoking.
Some people believe that apart from the disturbance that is caused by snoring, there is no other problem. But snoring could be an indication of a breathing problem or a problem related to the air tube or the passing way of the breathing air. Hence, snoring needs to be thought of as a timely indicator of some sort, which might be a precursor to some serious health issue.
Usually, the treatments for snoring are limited to customizing and using dental or oral appliances. Oral Appliance Therapy is suggested as the easiest and the most suitable corrective measure for snoring. But in certain cases, where snoring happens due to defect by birth with the facial skeletal system or due to some accident that has changed the course of the face, surgical methods also may be suggested.

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